RE/MAX Calgary & Area Event Request Form (REALTOR ONLY)

RE/MAX Calgary & Area Realtors: Special pricing now available!


Our mission is to help you access RE/MAX promotional items to help promote your event, fundraiser, or community initiative. We have a variety of items based on a first come, first serve basis.


Items will be delivered and installed by our nationally recognized service providers. Items include:


  • Jumping Castle

  • Tethered Hot Air Balloon 

  • Large Inflatable Event Tents

  • Champagne Balloon Rides (Silent Auction Prizes)


(All requests will be processed and are subject to availability)




RE/MAX Calgary & Area GA Committee offers these items, services, and assistance to community organizations, fundraisers, events, athletic organizations and festivals.


We do however ask that you recognize the following guidelines:

Minimum 2 weeks notice required for bookings.

If you have resources overnight, the security is the responsibility of the borrower.

Tents & Inflatables require power on site.

NO BBQ's or heaters allowed inside of tents or inflatables.

We ask that you provide security at any time that RE/MAX Calgary & Area GA Committee resources are in your care and control, both during a scheduled event and at all other times. Organizations agree to report any and all damage to RE/MAX Calgary & Area GA Committee to any loaned resource to ensure damaged items are not re-stocked into inventory. Organizations or individuals agree not to use loaned resources in moderate to high winds, or during any other weather condition that may be deemed unsafe. 


​(Tethered) Hot Air Balloon - Please note that the hot air balloon cannot be tethered under certain weather conditions such as: wind/rain/hail/snow/fog - a determination regarding safety will be made by the operator at the event. ​10' x 10' Pop up loaner tents need to be properly anchored to ensure the safety of those attending the event. We prohibit you to use our tents in unfavourable weather conditions, and the proper anchoring of tents is the sole responsibility of the borrower. If you plan to put the pop up tents on gravel, pavement, or any non grass surface, Sundance Balloons will supply, at no cost to the borrower, sand bags for the purpose of safely anchoring tents.



Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you have a very successful event!


RE/MAX Calgary & Area Group Advertising Committee